Land for sale in Pluak Daeng

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May 25, 2020
Charoensinthanee Boonnakhon
May 25, 2020

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Land in Pluak Daeng

Idea of The Eastern Seaboard of Thailand project is known as the area of industrial center of the country. It is the location of a deep sea port, including mega energy projects such as the establishment of the National Petrochemical Center in Map Ta Phut in Rayong Province, or a manufacturing base for the automobile industry from many brands, including the auto parts such as plastics, electronics and polymers. Most of vacant lands are in the development area of Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) which the government is committed to invest and support as the specially designed industry area for biodiesel, biotech, and digital to support economic growth with readiness in terms of labor, transportation, and related industries.

Project information

    Located at Pluak Daeng Sub-district, Pluak Daeng District, Rayong Province

    The area is approximately 28 Rai 0 Ngan 61 Square Wah                  

    440 meters wide

    Pink zoning

Details of land for sale in Pluak Daeng

Land for sale in Pluak Daeng, near the Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate and CK Plaza Department Store, area 28 Rai 0 Ngan 61 Square Wah


Project Location